Rosie and Charley are siblings and best friends. We adopted them
from friends who rescued their little family.

Bugsy showed up on our street on a hot summer day - tiny, hungry, and as it turns out, very lucky.
He thinks Charley is his mum!

There is also the occasional litter of foster kittens . . .

These felines have been kind enough to share the house with us.
We thought we might share them with you.

Three cats a' napping. . .

Sunday, January 2, 2011

Time to catch up!

I haven't posted for awhile, so posts below are a quick catch up.  Wishing everyone a healthy, happy, purrsome and nap-filled New Year!

Mewry Christmas!

We decided to take our chances with a small tree this year and the kitties were mostly well behaved.  I don't know who sucked up more water from the tree well - the tree or the cats!  Delores came over on Christmas day and brought Earl Gray for a playdate.  My uncle Richard joined us as well, leaving his two kitties to celebrate on their own.  We joined the grandkids in opening their gifts via webcam on Christmas eve.

Charley checks out the tree trimmings.

Charley enjoys opening his own gifts.

. . . and Bugsy does as well!

Who needs mistletoe?  Gary has a smooch for his mom.

Me and my Uncle Richard.  We had a great time!

Earl came for a visit with Bugsy and the gang.
He was quite at home!

Christmas cuddle after a long day : )

Oh, boy - Santa brought us a new scratching post!

Alberto built a scratching post - or rather the parts for a new scratching post - for our kitties.  They love it!

Some assembly required.

The final product - and pecking order.

Tuckered out.

Earl Gray goes home with Gramma D!

Earl Gray, of the garden kitty gang, went home with Delores to meet big, bad Harley cat (okay, he's just big, not bad).  Earl has proven to be a very . . . um . . . ENERGETIC vroom-mate!
When he's not hanging from the curtains or running laps around Harley,
 Earl likes to curl up in Delores's lap.
Best buddies and nap-mates.

Halloween in Washington

We paid a visit to Sara and family for Halloween.  They have two new additions to the family - Lola and Kingston, adopted from the local shelter at a "two-for-the-price-of-one" sale.  Alberto built a deluxe cat condo for them, which doubles as an indoor jungle-gym for the kids!  We went to the corn maize (muddy) and petting zoo (aw, cute), then hit the streets for some trick or treat fun.

Kaylynn in her 50's Girl kitty skirt (with kitty pumpkin)
and Anthony as too-cool-for-posing Zombie Boy.

The kitty tree is just right for kids and cats!

Lily and Dad enjoy a sofa snoozle while Kingston "disappears" in his
black kitty bed.

Lola felt that Gary's beard needed some additional grooming.

Happy together in their new home!

Cookies, anyone?

Sunday, October 24, 2010

Ollie: Last of the "Garden Gang"

Little Ollie, aka Earl (as in Earl Grey), is the last one left from the litter of kittens born out by the community gardens. Thank goodness his mom was trapped and spayed!  We hope he can find a home with another playful kitty who needs a friend OR with his pal Bugsy - they're like brothers!

Cuddle Bugs and Ollie

"Look what I can do!"

With Aunt Rosie the Cushy Cat

...and Uncle Charley, too.

The best lap of all.

Adoptees Update

Thought I would share some photos from friends - old and new!

Miss Purrl Fuzzbutton
Visiting with Olivia, Sage, and Button. 

Button and her buddy, Bear.
Poppy Love
Percy Bloom likes to hang out with Popcorn the guinea pig!
 Poppy seems to enjoy the company.

Darling Kitten with your Victoria's Secret Purchase
This is Ely, Charley and Rosie's nephew, when he was just
a little guy.  Angela tells us he's a BIG boy now!
Bella the Beauty
Bella was happy to pose for the camera,
but her mom, Pru, was feeling shy.
Trick or Tasty Treat!

Jackson Purple Hays
Jackson with his favorite toy.

Little Guy and Papa John

Lucy and Oscar
Lucy was being given away in the check-out line at a store.
Her buddy Oscar is the half-brother of our recent foster litter.
They're both living the good life at Julie's house!